• SexMale
  • Breed/TypeGreyhound
  • Date of Birth3 Mar 2009 (est)
  • Date Arrived3 Mar 2013
  • RescueBirmingham Greyhound Protection
  • Date Departed28 Apr 2013
  • Reason

Alfie came to Beast Barracks after reportedly snapping at someone in his previous foster home. I have to wonder; of course I wasn't there, but while with me Alfie was very keen to get to food and treats (pretty much every new dog is) but never snapped and wan't agressive in any way.

Alfie had the most overshot jaw of any hound I have seen, but my vet confirmed that it was not giving hm any problems. He also only had one descended testicle, so neutering was going to be a bit more complex; and to cap it all, two other BGP greyhounds with only one testicle had died in theatre just recently, so Kerry was understandably nervous about having Alfie done. But he was and he was fine (my vet is just a bit fab).

I did wonder whether I might have found Alfie a home as Annie (runs voluntary services at St. Andrew's) fell in love with him. That wasn't to be unfortunately, but sometimes things happen for a reason. Dennis, another BGP dog, was proving too much for his foster home and needed somewhre to go that could cope with him. It was decided that Alfie and Dennis would do a straight home swap. And thing is, although it was intended to be a swapping of foster homes, both dogs found their forever homes.