• SexMale
  • Breed/TypeGreyhound
  • Date of Birth29 Apr 2009 (est)
  • Date Arrived28 Apr 2013
  • RescueBirmingham Greyhound Protection

I was asked to take Dennis on because he had issues and would snap at people in the house. Dennis genuinely did have issues. The deal was that Dennis would come to me and Alfie would go and live where Dennis had been; turned out both were going to their forever homes.

Dennis' issues were a bit strange. He had bared his teeth a few times and actually bitten someone (though didn't break skin) and the family were a bit nervous of him. It wasn't a constant behaviour, most days he would be fine, then one day he would snap; he would also bare teeth and snarl if grabbed to stop counter surfing. And exactly those behaviours turned out to be the case here; one wonders what happened to make react the way he did. When he flipped it was a case of "the red mist", but as suddenly as it came it would disappear; one moment he would be snarling, the next nuzzling for a stroke.

Just over a week of Dennis being here, Troy died and I decided that Dennis could stay. Because BGP would have to be straight with prospective adoptors chances were that Dennis would take a long time to find a home, perhaps never would, given his behaviour.

Dennis' behavoiur has improved dramatically and the change was almost digital. He had not long been off the tracks and one suggestion is that he may have been going through withdrawal symptoms; greyhounds are sometimes given coccaine to enhance performance. It may also have been that he had never had discipline and was not sure how to react – though his reactions were highly unusual for a greyhound. Whatever the reason, Dennis is now a far more relaxed hound. He still does not like being grabbed by the collar but does now tolerate it.

Dennis is very striking; he is a fine specimen of a hound and is very affectionate. He is not the brightest of hounds, but he is very loving; in fact he reminds me a lot of Troy. Like Troy he likes to be a lap dog. Unlike Troy, I am not sure whether Dennis will become a Pets As Therapy and Blue Cross Education dog. He would be brilliant at both, but I need to 100% sure in my own mind that he can be trusted before taking that step.

And I guess it goes without saying that his nickname is "Menace" (he answers to it)