• SexMale
  • Breed/TypeGreyhound
  • Date of Birth5 Nov 1999
  • Date Arrived28 Apr 2007
  • RescueWhite Lodge
  • Date Departed23 Jul 2007
  • ReasonRehomed

Hooch had been living with Lucy in a home for a couple of years but was returned White Lodge when the owners went their separate ways. Hooch shares some common ancestry with Troy. Daleys Gold is Hooch's paternal grandfather and one of Troy' paternal great great grandfathers; I'm Slippy is a common paternal great great grandfather, and there's also some Sand Man in them both.

Hooch ran all his 129 recorded races at Oxford, where he won a fair few, and was placed in about half.

The original plan was that Lucy and Hooch would be rehomed together, but Hooch got himself a home in Shepshed and to be homest splitting up from Lucy was probably the best thing he ever did.

Hooch came back to stay when his owners spent a few weeks in the US and we see him from time at various events.