• SexMale
  • Breed/TypeLurcher
  • Date of Birth1 Jan 2010 (est)
  • Date Arrived20 May 2012
  • RescueThe Beastly Beasts

I got a call from my vet saying they had a family that wanted to rehome a lurcher and could I help. And so, cutting a mediul length story short, Jake came to Beast Barracks.

To start with, Jake was clearly upset. He had been with his previous family for about three years and all of a sudden things had changed. Although he wasn't a problem, Jake wasn't a Beastly Beast. It all changed when we went to Little Dumpledale for Trevor's 50th birthday. Don't really understand  how or why – perhaps it was the long walks, the beaches, getting out of Northampton for a bit – but while we were there Jake "got it" ; other people remarked that he had changed, and he had and was now totally settled and truly a Beastly Beast.

Although described as a lurcher, I have a feeling Jake is pure whippet; if he's not he's very close to it. Whatever make he may be, he is stunningly handsome (and I think he knows it) and in the sunlight his blue brindle coat looks like burnished metal. Jake's favourite pastime is running; his nickname is Forrest. He is the fastest dog I have ever had and can stop and turn on a sixpence.

He loves Rosie and often cuddles up with, or sometimes on, her (and she lets him). He is a Pets As Therapy dog and Blue Cross education dog and brilliant at both. He is a ladies man and on homechecks will generally be on the lap of the women in the house being stroked by them in no time.

We see Jake's old family from time to time; I think they are pleased he is living the kind of life he is. I was worried the first time as I woundered if meeting them would upset Jake and take us back to square one. That wasn't the case and every occassion Jake has been pleased to see his old family and gives them a special greeting, but he is a Beastly Beast.