• SexMale
  • Breed/TypeLurcher
  • Date of Birth16 Jan 2001 (est)
  • Date Arrived16 Jul 2003
  • RescueWood Green Animal Shelter
  • Date Departed8 May 2012
  • ReasonDied

Kai came from Wood Green in July 2003 aged about 18 months having been handed in by a family that decided they could not look after him; thank you to them for doing that and not taking him to the vet. Kai hated it in kennels and was literally wasting away. The day we went to see him he had interest from another family - luckily we asked about him first and Kai came home with us.

Where to start with Kai? The word "perfect" tells you everything you need to know. To say he was laid back is an understatement, he took everything in his stride with an almost phlegmatic attitude. Yet underneath it all was a steely core and he would stand his ground against another dog or human if he had to; both have backed down from a simple growl and look from Kai.

Because of his looks and his demeanour people thought he was old right from the start; he always had a serious face and looked like he was thinking deeply about things or carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders And though he could be reserved - to the point of being aloof - on first meeting, he is very friendly to everyone and was a real people dog and, as events showed, would never have been happy as an only dog; though whether he bargined on quite as many companions is another question.