• SexFemale
  • Breed/TypeLurcher
  • Date of Birth5 Nov 2011 (est)
  • Date Arrived15 Apr 2012
  • RescueThe Beastly Beasts

Lilly was being kept tied up outside all day. Given her age and the dates, she was probably a Christmas present for the kids that people got bored with. Mark and Jo got to hear about her and asked the family if they wanted her gone; they did. Mark and Jo weren't in a position to keep her, so despite my better judgement about having a puppy, she came to live at Beast Barracks aged about 4 months.

Lilly is very pretty but she is not a delicate gentle flower and certainly not backwards in coming forwards; whatever is going on she will be part of it and if there is nothing going on she will start it. But she can also be very affectionate and very tender.

Lilly began visiting to St. Andrew's very early on. We were asked to visit a lass (I'll call her C) who was "in a bad place" emotionally. Because she had worked with greyhounds in the past it was felt that The Beasts would be perfect. I felt that if you were in a bad place the best therapy in the world is a puppy licking your face; so against all the rules Lilly started her visiting career at 5 months old. Lilly and C became best of friends and C is one of two people that get Lilly's special "in your face" greeting (the other is Mark). Lilly went on to take her Pets As Therapy assessment and became legal. She also took her Blue Cross Education dog assessment and visits schools and youth groups.

On our visit to St. Andrew's we meet C and other girls on her ward, they are late teen to mid 20s. Lilly will play with them, and in particular with C, with lots of noise and rough and tumble. The girls love it and have said to me that if Lilly were human she'd probably end up in the there with them. The next place we visit a gentlemens dementia ward, and although I have never trained her or even told Lilly to be calm while with them that is exactly what she is. Similarly with other people we vist. Similarly with young children on lue Cross visits Lilly will behave impeccably. She, and all dogs in my experience, just know who to play with and who not to.

Starting so young, Lilly has a long career as a Beastly Beast in font of her. By the age of 1 she had more things than a lot of dogs ever get to do. While she is "enthusiatic" as a puppy, as she matures she will become even more fabulous at what she does.