• SexFemale
  • Breed/TypeGreyhound
  • Date of Birth15 Aug 1999
  • Date Arrived28 Apr 2007
  • RescueWhite Lodge
  • Date Departed16 Mar 2012
  • ReasonDied

Lucy and Hooch had been living together in a home for a couple of years but were returned to White Lodge when the owners went their separate ways. She is half Australian from her father's side, and shares a common ancestor, Greenpark Fox, with Troy. Greenpark Fox is Lucy's maternal grandfather and one of Troy's paternal great grandfathers; there's also some Sand Man in them both.

Lucy raced at Sunderland at the same Troy was also there (one has to wonder if they ever met; probably not) and tracks in Ireland. She won 3 of her 42 registered races, and was placed in about a third of them.

Wen Hooch left for his forwver home Lucy stayed behind; she had become a Beast. She was the smallest of The Beasts at the time but took no prisoners; if Lucy wanted that spot on the sofa Lucy got that spot in the sofa. And the strange thing was, the others let her get away with it.

Lucy loved fashion; a new coat, collar, or jumper and she would preen herself. However her choice in perfume was not best; FP1 was for day to day wear but if she found something rotting she would make sure to cover herself. Many was the journey back from a walk with the windows wound down.

Lucy contracted cancer of the pallet (roof of the mouth). It was inoperable and untreatable - there were some new drugs that were being tested that showed promise, but unfortunately Lucy's wasn't the right type of cancer. After a period of palliative care the day came for that awful decision. It never gets any easier; it probably never should.