• SexMale
  • Breed/TypeGreyhound
  • Date of Birth14 Feb 2001 (est)
  • Date Arrived30 Jul 2007
  • RescueWhite Lodge
  • Date Departed28 Feb 2011
  • ReasonDied

One evening I got a phone call while out with The Beasts; Sam Squigg's mum had just had a bit of an experience with her foster Mack who tried getting to a cat (he failed BTW). She felt he was now too strong for her to look after but didn't want him to go back into kennels as he hated that much he didn't eat, so would I look after him? Being half-way there we went down to Grandma Squigg's to collect the miscreant. The plan was for him to be a foster. In one year one person came to see him; after a year I gave up and officially adopted Mack.

Mack was the only English greyhound in The Beastly Beasts.

Mack was a brilliant P.A.T. dog, Blue Cross Education dog and fundraiser; he was very loving and loved being with people. Some of the people we visit at St. Andrews are not very demonstrative, but Mack didn't care - he would just stand next to them or nuzzle up to them until they took notice of him. He was also quite happy to trot along-side a wheelchair which meant that less mobile people could take him for a walk. His greatest achievement was getting a guy who was all but catatonic to stroke and talk to him; Mack had got through where the experts failed and leterally had the nursing staff in tears at what he'd acheived with this guy. Mack was a favourite among the people we visit; to give you an idea of how much: one lady claimed him as "her dog" and wanted (and got) photgraphs of him with her. After he died people asked where he was; without doubt he touched many lives.

Mack died after a short illness that made his blood clot; he'd only just turned 10. He was a beautiful dog in every sense and it's not just me that misses him.