• SexFemale
  • Breed/TypeGreyhound
  • Date of Birth26 Apr 1999
  • Date Arrived14 Apr 2006
  • RescueGreyhound Rescue West of England
  • Date Departed17 Apr 2007
  • ReasonDied

Maple was found living rough on a hill known locally as Long Mountain on the Welsh borders in March 2006 having been dumped there in, it is believed, January. She got here name because she had made a nest in the hollow trunk of a tree. She was wary of strangers and was only rescued when the local dog warden took her own dogs with her; Maple loved other dogs. After a month with Dave and Sue's GRWE foster home she joined The Beastly Beasts on Good Friday (14th April) 2006.

Maple only ran one race in Ireland, well - on a registered track, in September 2000. After that she disappeared for 5½ years before re-appearing on Long Mountain. What happened to her during that time we'll probably never know, but it is certain that she has had puppies so it is probable that for at least some of the time she was being used as a brood bitch. She was a half cousin to Troy; they have the same maternal grandmother. Extremely timid with strangers, Maple was unusually (in my experience) more scared of women than men and latched on to me virtually from day one. However, once she got to know someone and was comfortable with them she was very generous with her affection, and was not backwards at coming forwards. She loved living with the boys and made the most noise out of all of The Beasts. If there was something going on  a game, a chase, whatever  Maple would be in the thick of it.

She died suddenly while out on a walk, just three days after her first homecoming day. She only had a year as a Beastly Beast, but she had that year and she made the most of it.