• SexMale
  • Breed/TypeGreyhound
  • Date of Birth18 Jun 2003 (est)
  • Date Arrived18 Dec 2004
  • RescueWhite Lodge
  • Microchip981000000443454
  • Tattoo (right)AT
  • Tattoo (left)ZLH

Monty came from White Lodge in December 2004, aged about 18 months.

We were looking for a companion for Kai and had found White Lodge on the internet. On our visit to "interview" potential companions, and be interviewed, we were introduced to a veritable parade of hounds, none of whom Kai seemed to hit it off with. Then, almost in desperation, Monty was brought in. He'd only arrived at White Lodge from Ireland a couple of days before and was extremely shy and nervous. Until that was he met Kai. It was like two long lost friends meeting; tails up and wagging, and sniffing of bits - Kai had made his choice. Claire (who ran White Lodge at the time) told us to go home and think about it and call the next day if we still wanted to go ahead. To be fair she didn't know us from Adam so didn't know that we were totally serious. Next day came, the call was made and arrangements put in place for a home check the following weekend.

Saturday arrived and so did Lynne, with an extremely timid greyhound in tow. He went out into the garden with Kai while Lynne asked us a few questions. We must have answered them correctly, and Kai and Monty were getting on fine in the garden, because following a call back to HQ to see if everything was OK at that end, Lynne left sans greyhound.

Unable to navigate the stairs, Monty slept in the hall. Kai, who usually slept upstairs, spent the first few nights with Monty until he could manage them (took about three or four days). The pair of them were firm friends the instant they met and remained so; so much so that they were called the Symbiant Beast.

Monty was incredibly timid to begin with due to the treatment he had received. At meal times he had to be alone in the kitchen - no hounds or humans - before he would eat. For weeks his life was spent in one room except for when he ate, was in the garden, or out for a walk. Gradually he came out of his shell and now a small thermo-nuclear blast would not move Monty from his food bowl. It took over a year, but Monty changed from a beast that wouldn't say boo to a goose into a very confident hound that loves life; though even now his confidence only really shows through when in places he knows well.