• SexFemale
  • Breed/TypeLurcher
  • Date of Birth10 Aug 2013 (est)
  • Date Arrived11 Aug 2013
  • RescueThe Beastly Beasts

Aged about 2, Tilly was taken to my vet to be put to sleep. Before judging that decision, I understand that there were personal issues that meant Tilly couldn't stay and perhaps her owners weren't aware of rescue options, or perhaps they were and tried and failed – at the time we know many rescues were full to bursting and couldn't take more dogs. And perhaps they decided that to PTS was the kindest option rather than taking the risk of her ending up in the wrong hands. I say this because since taking Tilly, my vet wrote to her owners to say she was safe and they replied thanking them for taking the trouble and offering contact if we wanted to know anything about Tilly. And clearly she was cared for by her condition. Anyway, my vet had other ideas and asked to be given the chance to rehome her and her owners agreed and my vet called me.

Tilly is perfect. She is pretty, she is well behaved (I'm hoping Lilly does not corrupt her), she is very affectionate, she is just perfect. Everyone who meets her falls for her; everyone at the vet did, we popped in to see Annie and Jan at St. Andrew's – they did, when Kerry and Susan picked up Jack they did.

To begin with Tilly was a little overwhelmed by The Beastly Beasts (there were 12 of them) but once she realised that everyone was friendly she soon settled and now rubs along like everone else.