Alfie came to Beast Barracks after reportedly snapping at someone in his previous foster home; while Alfie was here he very keen to get to food and treats (pretty much every new dog is) but never snapped and wan't aggressive in any way.

Alfie had a very overshot jaw, but our vet confirmed that it was not giving him any problems. He also only had one descended testicle, so neutering was going to be a bit more complex; to cap it all, two other BGP greyhounds with only one testicle had recently died in theatre at other vets, so Kerry was understandably nervous about having Alfie done; he was fine (our vet is just a bit fab).

We did have someone very keen to give Alfie a home but, due to low fencing and farm animals, it wasn't to be. However, sometimes things don't happen for a reason. Dennis, another BGP dog, was proving a bit much for his foster home and we were asked to take him. It was decided that Alfie and Dennis would do a straight foster home swap; as it turned out, both had found their forever homes.

Alfie died on 20 June 2018; when X-rays showed he had bone cancer his mum felt it was best to let him go.

RescueBirmingham Greyhound Protection
Date Of Birth3 Mar 2009 (est)
Date Arrived3 Mar 2013
28 Apr 2013