Charlie came from a home that could no longer keep him; apparently he made a lot of noise when left alone and the neighbours complained and it was rented accommodation so either the dog (Charlie) went or they did – Charlie went. We can well believe that Charlie made a lot of noise; he is the gobbiest Greyhound to live at Beast Barracks.

By all accounts, Charlie was used by the racing industry then used for coursing; you might think that Charlie would be up for anything small and furry – you could not be further from the truth. Charlie is one of the softest gentlest hounds you will find, We were also told he didn't like walks; Charlie hadn't been informed of that – he loves his walks (though he did need his talons taking back to toe nails when he arrived here).

Charlie was a foster, but when Bluebell died we offered him a life sentence at Beast Barracks; he accepted.

At fist glance, Charlie looks quite slight hound; he is very slim and one of those hounds that refuses to put on weight. But he is tall and very long and weighs in at 39kg.

As we said, Charlie is a very vocal hound, and never more so than when on a Pets As Therapy visit. His modus operandi is is to lie on the floor – typically roaching – making a noise until one, many, or more, people come and give some attention; he usually has as many as three or four people stroking at time and this works as well on young women and young men's wards.

He is in lurve with one lady we see on our visits. The fist time he saw her he was transfixed and let's just say that when she strokes him he sounds, well, more satisfied.

Charlie was a blood donor and made 14 donations; he is a Blue Cross Education dog.

And just in case you didn't notice, he is very handsome.

ColourDark Brindle
RescueBirmingham Greyhound Protection
Date Of Birth1 Nov 2008 (est)
Date Arrived25 Nov 2014
StatusBeastly Beast
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