Denny was found in a field near the village of Denton with cuts and bruises – almost certainly the result of a RTA or being thrown out of a vehicle; he was taken to our vet. The same day Mack didn't eat his breakfast and seemed under the weather so went to the vet; it was on that visit the girls on reception asked if we'd take the lurcher that had been handed in home with us; the girls named him Denny.

Because the dog warden had been informed they decided that they needed to come and homecheck me despite assurances from my vet that I was a nice person. Helen from South Northamptonshire Council came to check us out decided that I "will properly care for the dog" and a week later we got a letter confirming that Denny was mine (or, more accurately, I was now Denny's chef, chauffeur, and poo pickeruperrer) "as described under the Environmental Protection Act Section 149(6a)" - something you are no doubt intimately familiar with, but just in case you aren't, Section 149 pertains to the Seizure of stray dogs, and clause 6a says the council officer responsible for stray dogs can give or sell the dog to a person who will look after it; long and short of it - Denny was now a Beastly Beast, and an environmentally protected one to boot!!

Denny slotted in pretty well. For the first few days he was besotted with Kai to the point it was like having a two headed/eight legged dog, but that passed when Kai got fed up with it. Denny is very sharp and soon got his place in the order of things; within a few days he waited his turn for food and to get out the Beast Bus. He plays nicely with the others and even got Troy to join in games – though does have the typical Saluki tendency to cry "foul" then dive back into the fray moments later. These days his playmates are Lilly, Jake, and Gypsy; the four of the playing together is fast, furious, and very loud – typical lurcher games.

Denny breezed the assessments to become a PAT dog and Blue Cross Education dog and was fabulous with the people we visit in both roles.

Denny was also a blood donor and was the first Beastly Beast to make 20 donations; he retired having made 22 donations which means he saved up to 88 lives.

Denny unexpectedly died in his sleep. The weekend before he did a PAT visit and two evenings before he was happily playing chasing games with Lilly, Jake, and Gypsy on our walk.

ColourBlack and White
RescueThe Beastly Beasts
Date Of Birth14 Feb 2009 (est)
Date Arrived24 Feb 2011
StatusBeastly Beast
19 Dec 2018
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