I should keep my mouth shut. Following the arrival of Dennis Kerry called to see how he was doing. Foolishly I told Kerry that I liked dogs that were a challenge. Really? Did I want the challenge of a renegade bull lurcher with half a tail and an attitude? Yeah - what the hell, why not.

Flash was about 18 months old tops when Kerry (in pre-BGP days) pulled him from the pound. In his short life he had had part of his tail cut off and what was left became infected and more needed removing, he had been in a number of foster homes after each couldn't cope with him and was beaten in one (note: he was not placed by BGP), after his final foster home couldn't manage him he ended up in kennels were, because he was disturbing other dogs, he was placed in solitary where he stayed for 6 months.

In all that time Kerry had been wondering what to do with him and whether he stood a chance of finding a home; the reality was that he almost certainly wouldn't where he was. But she had not given up on him; hence the request for him to come here, which a few weeks later (which was to let Dennis settle in properly) he did. And guess what – he's fab. Yes he was a young lurcher and so noisy and full of energy, but despite everything that has happened to him he is an incredibly happy hound. His worst fault was to be overly interested in other dogs. I am pretty sure it was excitement rather than aggression as every dog he has met he has been fine with. He is high energy and I suspect that is why people couldn't cope with him, but he did calm down a lot in the first few weeks at Beast Barracks; nothing magical, just decent food, exercise, boundaries and love.

After Trevor, Zammie, and Jack went to their foster homes I realised that I didn't want Flash to leave.

Flash has real presence; to meet him is to instantly like him. If you watched Blackadder, Flash is Lord Flashheart &ndash "Flash by name, Flash by nature" (Lord Flashheart's Grand Entrance)

Flash is a blood donor and has made over 25 donations, saving up to 100 plus lives. He is a Pets As Therapy dog and has many fans at St Andrew's especially among the younger people we see who love his madcap antics. His is also a Blue Cross Education dog and is brilliant with the kids and because of his tail we often get asked what happened to him which helps get the message across about looking after our animals.

Flash's nickname is Stumpy.

RescueBirmingham Greyhound Protection
Date Of Birth24 Nov 2011 (est)
Date Arrived24 May 2013
StatusBeastly Beast
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