Gypsy was found wandering in the local village of Cogenhoe (pronounced "cook-no"); she was taken to our vet. She was filthy, smelly, had a collar of twisted wire round her neck, had patches of fur missing, scabs on her snout, and was riddled with fleas; she was a mess. We think she had escaped from travellers by chewing the wire – she had broken teeth, possibly from chewing the wire.

At our vet she was checked over to see if she had any injuries then given a wash to get rid of the fleas. We were told that the water ran that red with blood when she was rinsed everyone thought they had missed a wound; they hadn't, it was the fleas and flea dirt. It was the worst flea infestation they had seen.

Once she was cleaned up we were contacted to see if we would give her a home to save her going to the pound; guess what the answer was. She was named Gypsy by the reception staff when we collected her. When she came here, although clean, she still had scabs and bits of fur missing and her underside was lumpy from flea bites; Sudocreme to the rescue.

Gypsy soon made friends with Lilly and Lilly taught her everything she knew and soon Gypsy changed from a shutdown hound into a confident young lady who gives as good as she gets in lurcher games.

Gypsy is a Pets As Therapy and Blue Cross Education dog. Despite Lilly's tutelage, Gypsy has remained an extremely gentle soul when on visits and is often the one that people less confident around dogs will go to.

And once all her scabs and scars went and her fur grew back, she became one of – if not the – prettiest of all The Beastly Bitches.

RescueThe Beastly Beasts
Date Of Birth29 Oct 2012 (est)
Date Arrived26 Jan 2014
StatusBeastly Beast
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