Our vet called saying they had a family that wanted to rehome a lurcher and could we help. Cutting a medium length story short, Jake came to Beast Barracks.

At first Jake was clearly upset; he had been with his previous family for about three years and all of a sudden things had changed. Although he wasn't a problem, Jake wasn't a Beastly Beast. It all changed when we went to Little Dumpledale for Trevor's 50th birthday. Don't really understand  how or why – perhaps it was the long walks, the beaches, getting leaving Beast Barracks for a bit – but while we were there Jake "got it"; other people remarked that he had changed, he had and was now totally settled and truly a Beastly Beast.

Jake is stunningly handsome; in the sunlight his blue brindle coat looks like burnished metal. Jake's favourite pastime is running; his nickname is Forrest. He used to be the fastest dog here; not so now he's older, but he can stop and turn on a sixpence, making him infuriatingly difficult to catch, as many a younger Beast has found.

Jake is a Pets As Therapy dog and will have at least two willing slaves from the girls stroking him on our visits – he is a real ladies man. He is also a Blue Cross Education dog and is brilliant with the children. He has also represented Blue Cross a number of times at events including Crufts, the Education Show, and at an investment firm in London on a fundraising day.

ColourBlue Brindle
RescueThe Beastly Beasts
Date Of Birth1 Jan 2010 (est)
Date Arrived20 May 2012
StatusBeastly Beast
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