Lacey came here with Cagney; they were handed over to BGP (along with Bess who went to another home); all 3 having spent 12 years in a racing kennel. The pair of them were in a state: dull and smelly coats, extremely poor muscle tone, a few stowaways, and disgusting teeth, and no names (same was true of Bess); in addition, Lacey's coat was stained yellow and stank of stale urine. At the kennels, Lacey just lay on a bed trembling; some of the people there that day have said since they wondered if she'd recover (spoiler alert – she did, and then some).

They were named after Cagney & Lacey in the hope that they would become two feisty ladies; it took a little while, but they certainly did.

As with all hounds that arrive at Beast Barracks, it was up the vet with them, who was appalled by the state they were in. Amazingly, Lacey was pronounced to be otherwise in good shape and left with a date for a dental and flea treatment.

Both girls were booked in one the same day and although they were the only surgery for that day Lacey didn't have her dental. Cagney's teeth were so bad that it took a 5 hour operation to sort her out; she lost 37 teeth. Lacey was rebooked for a couple of days later. Her operation was nowhere as long and she only lost another 13 teeth, leaving her with 13; though her gums did bleed quite a lot and needed packing to to stop the bleeding. Even so, the next day she ate like she'd never had a meal; previously she would pick at food, probably because she was in so much pain while eating. And she loves her treats.

Both girls started with a gentle exercise regime with short walks down the local park. To begin with they both looked in amazement at the space and other dogs and people and did't have a clue about having a sniff around. After a while they progressed to walks at the Abbey down to the lake and round the golf course; cue more amazed looks.

Lacey took a while to gain her confidence, but once she started to come out of herself she joined in chasing games in the garden, but she only chases after Wyn; we think he' her toy boy.

Lacey got to go to Little Dumpledale over New Year 2017/18 and go down the fields and beaches; she much preferred the fields (it was very windy on the beaches).

She's not into walks big time, but once out she enjoys herself. By summer 2018 she was allowed off‐lead and is quite happy to potter along looking for field raisins (aka rabbit poo); from time to time even going a couple of yards ahead of the rest of us. And after an hour or so walking she'll jump in the van to go home, then out of the van and play chasing games with Wyn; all before tea.

Lacey died on Boxing Day 2018. She had only been here for just over 19 months, but in that time she grabbed life by the scruff of the neck and had a ball; she was truly a Beastly Beast.

RescueBirmingham Greyhound Protection
Date Of Birth6 May 2005 (est)
Date Arrived7 May 2017
StatusBeastly Beast
26 Dec 2018