Lola was on a Lurcher Facebook group with a message saying she needed urgent rescue space. As always there were lots of comments saying "hope she gets a space", "poor girl", "she's beautiful", and the like; what there wasn't was a message saying "She can come here" – not until ours that was.

We aren't a rescue (feels like we are sometimes) and questions were asked if we were up to having her as she had issues. Lola's issues and looks were very similar to Rosie so for us it was not a problem, and thankfully some others in the group posted to say that we an OK home for her.

Lola had been rehomed by a family and they had done their best, but Lola did have issues and circumstances conspired against them. They loved Lola to bits, but the situation they were in (although we know what that was we are not going into it other than to say we have total respect for the family) meant that Lola had to go and tried all sorts of ways to get her a new home. It had ended up with her potentially going back to the place she had come from, and they did not have a "no kill" policy; this was winter 2014 and Lola's New Year present was looking like a trip to The Bridge.

A few Facebook posts and messages and phone calls later, the day before New Year's Eve 2014, Flash and dad went to get Lola. And it was just like Rosie: the initial "Don't come near me", then out for a walk and mutual sniffs.

But of course, while there are many similarities – some of which are only to be seen at Beast Barracks – Lola isn't Rosie.

Lola does have that extra something, and she has turned out to be a very loving and affectionate hound who loves ball and tug‐o'‐war games, the one she has not managed to do is show that side of herself to everyone. Once she trusts you (limited to a very select few) she will let you fuss her. With our friends The Banshees, she started off being wary with Punch, but as we walked with him most evenings she soon got used to him. When Digger arrived she quickly got to like him, when Sam arrived he was a friend straight away; Punch remains her first – unrequited – love.

While Lola will never be a PAT dog, visit a school as a Blue Cross Education dog, or give blood, she is a much loved Beastly Beast.

RescueThe Beastly Beasts
Date Of Birth30 Sep 2009 (est)
Date Arrived30 Dec 2014
StatusBeastly Beast