Lucy had lived with Hooch in a home for a couple of years but was returned White Lodge when the owners went their separate ways.

The plan was that Lucy and Hooch would be rehomed together, but when Hooch got himself a home she stayed behind.

Lucy was half Australian from her father's side and was not backwards in coming forwards. She was the smallest of The Beasts at the time but took no prisoners; if Lucy wanted that spot on the sofa Lucy got that spot in the sofa; and the strange thing was, the others let her get away with it.

Lucy loved fashion; a new coat, collar, or jumper and she would preen herself. However her choice in perfume was not best; FP1 (fox poo) was for day to day wear but if she found something rotting she would make sure to cover herself; many was the journey back from a walk with the windows of the Beast Bus wound down so that we could breath.

Being small, Lucy was often regarded as "the cute one" by people when we were out fundraising and she was ideal to let young people take for a walk on group walks.

Lucy contracted cancer of the pallet (roof of the mouth). It was inoperable and untreatable. There were some new drugs that were being tested that showed promise, but unfortunately Lucy's wasn't the right type of cancer. After a period of palliative care the day came for that awful decision.

While fundraising in the town centre the Christmas after Lucy died a young lady came up to us to ask where she was; this lass had walked her on a group walk earlier in the year and was upset to hear she had died.

ColourDark Brindle
RescueWhite Lodge
Date Of Birth15 Aug 1999
Date Arrived28 Apr 2007
StatusBeastly Beast
16 Mar 2012
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