Milo had bounced from home to home, having 8 or 9 before coming here and had even been under the care of at least two rescues; he was about 18 months old. We were asked to take him as his last chance and came with some saying the best thing for him would be for him to be PTS; he apparently would have a go at people and while he'd not bitten badly it was felt he was building up to it.

When we met him he went nuts – all fear aggression. He was totally ignored and soon settled when we went for a walk. He was delivered by the mum of an ex-foster Jack who was pleased to see us and even settled at Beast Barracks when he popped in after the walk.

Milo did have some issues, but given he'd been moved so many times in such a short time, it was no wonder. In a few weeks he started to chill and became much more relaxed. That is not to say he slowed down – quite the opposite; as he realised that Beast Barracks was home he joined in more and more games.

Milo is a Staffie X Saluki, we call him our Staffluki and one of the team at our vets calls him our "designer Lurcher"; both very tongue in cheek.

Milo is a blood donor and despite all his bravado, he needs me to be in the room with him and where he can see me.

These days, the biggest danger from Milo is getting a massive Staffluki snog and cuddle.

ColourBlack and White
RescueBirmingham Greyhound Protection
Date Of Birth5 Sep 2012 (est)
Date Arrived5 Mar 2014
StatusBeastly Beast
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