Sketch, orginally called Doodles, was being kept outside in all weathers, and the winter of 2013 had all weathers; it was bitterly cold at times and had plenty of snow. It is amazing that Sketch survived. Like Lilly he was almost certainly a Christmas present for the kids that they got bored with. One has to wonder what message the kids get when a living creature can be treated like Sketch was and then just disposed of (albeit to a rescue); will they learn responsibility and commitment? Hardly.

I had contacted Kerry at Birmingham Greyhound Protection a few days earlier in response to a Facebook message saying two greyhounds were in dire need of emergency foster. They got sorted, but this little lurcher lad needed a foster home, would I take him? He was bought down and fitted in really well and so he came to Beast Barracks.

Everything went really well and a home was found for him. The family came to see him, liked him, passed the homecheck and all seemed well. But then I got a call asking me to collect him now or he goes to the vet. I was supposed to be on my to Crufts to help out on the Blue Cross stand, but no, it couldn't wait; he had commandeered the kitchen and wouldn't let anyone in there. So dash to collect him expecting a slavering hound with foam flecked muzzle trashing the kitchen. What I found was a happy waggy Sketch in the lounge. He came with me as clearly something had gone on and was no longer wanted and rather than push him from pillar to post I decided he could stay here. And guess what; apart from being a lurcher puppy with all that that entails, he's fabulous. I have needed to be firm with him; he obviously had no socialisation or training at his first home, but he is a sharp lad and learns fast, if a little to eager to please.

Sketch and Lilly are good friends and when not asleep are usually to be found with one or other of them attached to the other's throat or leg or chasing each other round the garden.

Sketch is the only Beast that doesnt like the vet, as in really does not like the vet, as in terrified of the vet. We have done visits to the vet when nothing needs doing, he' had no end of treats at the vet – some given by vets, all to no avail. He wears a muzzle when he has his health check, which is limited to vet asking if he's OK and his jab.

Because of his aversion to the vet he is not a blood donor and, although he is friendly when out and about, to be a PAT or education dog means being 100% happy and confident in any situation, so Sketch is neither. He is happy being a Beastly Beast.

RescueBirmingham Greyhound Protection
Date Of Birth1 Nov 2012 (est)
Date Arrived4 Feb 2013
StatusBeastly Beast