On collecting Trevor he came with no collar or lead of his own and clearly had not been exercised. He came from about 15 minutes walk from Beast Barracks and while it was a hot day, he was totally exhausted by the walk home. I dread to think what he had been fed as on the way he had a poo that was bright orange.

Trevor was a very happy lad while at Beast Barracks, he never stopped smiling; it was as if he knew life was on the up. At the other end, a decent diet and some exercise sorted things out nicely.

Trevor left Beast Barracks to go into long term foster, and on 14th August 2013 he went to Norfolk to his forever home; they got themselves one of life's really nice guys.

RescueBirmingham Greyhound Protection
Date Of Birth4 Jul 2009 (est)
Date Arrived4 Jul 2013
7 Jul 2013