Ty is from China. Aged about 3, he was rescued from the dog meat trade and initially fostered in Beijing. He is a big lad, bigger than allowed for dogs in the city, and was seized and taken to a Police pound. Candy Cane Rescue got him out of there and into a foster home outside the city.

Ty came to the UK (via Paris) in February 2018. He wasn't scheduled to come then, but got a slot when another dog that had had surgery was not fit enough to travel. Once in the UK he went into a foster home, but became very possessive of his foster mum and very vocal while she was out; we were asked to take him on. Since arriving here he has been fine with people.

Like everyhound, when he arrived he wanted to be first for food and treats, but soon learned that he was last and quickly began to patiently wait his turn. His "problem" is his social manners with other dogs. To start with he would pounce on the other Beasts; it wasn't aggression, just his way of introducing himself. Now, he plays nicely with everyone and loves chasing games in the garden. However, out and about he still gets over-excited with other dogs. He is getting better, but still a way to go.

Ty became a full time Beast on 4th November 2018; only reason it hadn't before is we hadn't seen Kerry to sign the adoption agreement. Although he can never be a blood donor, the plan is he will do all the other Beastly activities.

RescueCandy Cane Rescue
Date Of Birth31 Jan 2015 (est)
Date Arrived4 Mar 2018
StatusBeastly Beast