Shortly after Izzy's sudden demise we decided that Kai needed a companion, went to Wood Green with him and came back with Kai and Ransom. Ransom wasn't a good name for the lad and because he had a lump missing from one ear he became Vincent.

Vincent was a lovely lad; very happy and always had a wag. Like Izzy, he was a lurcher and fast. Unlike Izzy he did seem a boneo short of a dog treat and not quite able to grasp things. He would often go off with other people when we were out for a walk, and whereas I have always let dogs off the lead (in appropriate places) and never had a problem, I never had the confidence with Vincent to take him somewhere new and let him off. At Hunsbury it wasn't so much of an issue as he had learnt his way around.

Vincent earned the moniker Brave Beast. Not long after he arrived he ran into a tree and ripped a slice of skin about 6 or 7cm diameter so that it was hanging on by a piece on one side. Obviously he yelped when he did it, but not a murmur at the vets that evening for emergency treatment (staples to hold the wound closed), that night at home, or when he came back the day after having had it properly stitched.

It took me a while to build a relationship with Vincent but he gradually decided I was OK. But just after we really hit it off he ran into another tree, this time head on at full tilt. I'm sure he was dead before he hit the ground.

That was early December 2004; he hadn't even been with us 3 months. Looking back I wonder if he was either a bit blind or a bit deaf, or a bit of both. Whatever, the autumn and start of winter 2004 was not a good time. The only good thing was that Kai was still OK. I decided that it was time to take a rest from rehoming dogs. A sensible decision, except that Kai was not used to being on his own and lost weight like you wouldn't believe. Quite a few times when we were out he went to the spot were Vincent had died; I'm sure he missed him badly. So for his sake I decided to give it another go, and that's how Monty arrived and a whole new life started

RescueWood Green
Date Of Birth30 Nov 2001 (est)
Date Arrived19 Sep 2004
StatusBeastly Beast
12 Dec 2004