Zammie was 5 and had spent the last 2½ years in retirement at the racing kennels. Then, for whatever reason, the kennel owner wanted him out.

Zammie was reportedly a bit gobby with other dogs (as opposed to bitches), so the introduction to The Beastly Beasts was carefully managed with Zammie and potential gobshites muzzled and we did the usual just walk with us until the interest dies down then let him walk with The Beasts. But everyone was on best behaviour when they met, and while of course there was some interest from everyone they soon settled and within 10 – 15 minutes Zammie was walking in among The Beasts as though he'd been part to the team for ages.

The first thing you notice about Zammie is that he is big. He is tall and everything is in proportion. Monty and Dennis are not small Greyhounds, but they looked it up against Zammie; even Rosie didn't look big alongside him.

The second thing you notice about Zammie is that he is extremely handsome. He has his size and stature and he stands proud.

You don't notice the third thing about Zammie until you have lived with him. The third thing about Zammie is that he is an idiot. Being an idiot is not the same as not being intelligent; he is. Why is Zammie an idiot? Well, because of his size and power he can do things that many other dogs can't. Two cases:

  • Counter surfing.
    Most dogs either counter surf by sniffing at the worktop and perhaps licking the edge; this is kind of like belly boarding in surfing terms.
    Then there are those who will go for front paws on the worktop to get more vision and access to what is there; equivalent to getting into a crouch on a surf board.
    Zammie stands up and rides the rollers; we are talking all four paws up on the worktop giving full access to all areas.
  • Jumping out of windows.
    Zammie went over a desk the out of an upstairs window. Thankfully this window goes on to a balcony, but Zammie looked like he was getting ready to clear the railings to jump into the garden. I was in the garden and heard him bark; a mad dash upstairs stopped him from doing something stupid. I am still not sure if he was a genius for knowing there was a balcony or a total idiot for jumping out of an upstairs window.

Zammie – aka Big Z – has his forever home with some friends, so while he lives quite a distance away and we don't see him often, we do get to keep up with his antics.

RescueBirmingham Greyhound Protection
Date Of Birth27 Jul 2008 (est)
Date Arrived27 Jul 2013
31 Jul 2013