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Your dog's pedigree is shown as a family tree. The top branch is the male side – or sire line, the bottom is the female side – or dam line. Troy's pedigree is shown below with the two lines coloured and his double ancestors (explained below) highlighted.

Troy's pedigree
Troy's pedigree

Double Ancestry

It is not uncommon for the same dog to appear a number of times in the same and/or different generations of ancestry – this is called "double ancestry" (for example, Linda's Champion is Troy's great‐great‐grandfather and his great‐great‐great‐grandfather in his sire line), or indeed on both sides of the family tree – called "cross‐double" or "X‐double ancestry" (for example, Sail On II is Troy's great‐grandfather in his dam line and his great‐great‐great‐grandfather in his sire line, and Sand Man is Troy's great‐great‐great‐grandfather three times over – twice in his sire line and once in his dam line).

Other Information

You will also see the blood quota of double ancestors and X‐double ancestors for five or twelve generations, a pedigree analyses, and the offspring of your dogs dam.

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