BeastKeeping is all about keeping Beasts in the manner to which every hound should be accustomed. We have got stuff for new Beast Keepers, Beast Keepers who are adding to their leash, thoughts on feeding Beasts (one of our favourite bits), advice on how to ensure your Beasts aren't beastly, things that Beasts can do to help other hounds and humans, and more.

Information in BeastKeeping is based on things that have happened to us. Your hounds are not The Beastly Beasts and we are not all the same, so what works at Beast Barracks might not work at your home. Please use the information here to give you tips and ideas, but adapt it to suit you, your hounds and your circumstances.

For behavioural issues, we firmly believe that the best person to sort them out is you, but sometimes professional advice is the way to go to get pointed in the right direction.

On anything medical do not – under any circumstances – use what has happened to us as a diagnosis for your hound. Many ailments and illnesses present themselves in similar ways and your hound can't tell you what's up. Always – without exception – get professional veterinary advice.